Incoming students

Welcome to the Erasmus+ page of Kempten School of Translation and Interpreting Studies. Here you can find all the information you will need for your application and for your stay in Kempten.

Our Erasmus+ coordinator is Mrs Sarah Lewis-Schätz (Diese E-Mail-Adresse ist vor Spambots geschützt! Zur Anzeige muss JavaScript eingeschaltet sein!).

Your application

Please fill in the application form [S1]and send it to us with the relevant documents.

We will send our decision within 4 weeks after receiving the complete application.


15th May for the next winter semester

15th December for the next summer semester

Selection criteria

A minimum language level of B1 in German is a prerequisite for acceptance as an Erasmus student.


The course Translation and Interpreting Studies is a three-year full-time study course which covers the following modules and subjects[S2].

Each of the subjects with credits, contact hours and descriptions can be found in our course catalogue[S3].

Information about our grading system can be found here[S4].

A Transcript of Records will be issued no later than 5 weeks after the assessment period has finished.


The Fachakademie does not have its own student residences. However, there are many possibilities to find a room in Kempten.

  • Die Sozialbau

This company looks after the largest number of student residences in Kempten. Further information and an application form can be found at: under “Vermietung“ and then ”Studenten“. Here you can find information about the residences and the application form “Vormerkbogen für Wohnheimplatz“. Minimum rental period is normally at least 6 months.

As they will generally not give you an answer until July (and there is no guarantee that you will receive a room) we recommend that you look for other alternatives as well.

  • Residence Kotterner Straße 40 a

A privately-run student residence is in the Kotterner Straße 40 a. Minimum rental period is at least 6 months.

  • Residence Burgstraße 13

Another private student residence is in Burgstraße 13. Minimum rental period is 6 months.

Contact: J. Dobler KG, Heisinger Str.12, 87437 Kempten. Diese E-Mail-Adresse ist vor Spambots geschützt! Zur Anzeige muss JavaScript eingeschaltet sein!

  • GreenlivingInn Konrad-Zuse-Weg 1+2

Furnished apartments, around 20 – 25 sqm

There are also a number of websites where rooms and apartments can be found:,wg-zimmer.html

and a Facebook group for Kempten:

We recommend that you start looking for a room as soon as you have received your confirmation of acceptance.


Please check beforehand whether you need a visa to study in Germany. A tourist visa will not be sufficient.

Further information can be obtained from the Foreign Office or from your local German embassy / consulate.

EU citizens receive a residence permit after registering with the local authorities after they have arrived.


With some countries, such as members of the European Union and the European Economic Area, Germany has a social security agreement. As long as you have public health insurance at home you can get this insurance coverage approved by a public health insurance company in Germany. But make sure you clarify at home which documents you will need to take with you! For most students this is a European health insurance card (EHIC). Your insurance company will usually issue the EHIC free of charge.

Further information about the European health insurance card:

It is possible that your insurance will not cover all costs in Germany. Before you enter the country make sure you know exactly what services you are entitled to. In some cases, it may be advisable to arrange for extra coverage. If you do not have health insurance at home, you still have to insure yourself in Germany - just like all other students.

Further information about the health insurance system in Germany:

 [S1]Link to application form incomings

 [S2]Link to the core modules FAK

 [S3]Link to the course catalogue.

 [S4]Link to grading system

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